The sun is setting on summer but that doesn't mean Piper & Scoot is ready to say goodbye quite yet. We have captured the amazing colors that come with the setting summer sun & intricately woven them into our next exclusive dress, The Poppy Moroccan Dress.

The Poppy Moroccan Dress is a kaleidoscope of rich colors and design. It is a maxi dress that has a partial button down, elastic empire waist and tie detail. The slits on both sides create functional & fashionable interest to the dress. Those who see you will be blinded by your beauty. 

Don't let the colorful falling leaves steal your thunder, let the warm orange hues of The Poppy Moroccan Dress become their beacon to fall around. This dress will look great amongst all the warm tones that come with fall. Simply add a pair of booties something flavored with pumpkin spice and you are ready for a photo shoot.

Piper & Scoot wants to encourage you to brighten up a winter's day in The Poppy Moroccan Dress. Most people feel the colder weather approaching and they navigate toward black & bleak clothing options. It's like they give up and stowaway the good stuff for spring and their style hibernates for winter. Don't be one such bear, be like an exotic marigold wildflower that brings color & beauty in even the harshest conditions.


The Poppy Moroccan Dress is perfect to take on a getaway when you are trying to escape the winter blues. Thanks to the bright colorfulness and breath-ability of this dress, you can easily pack it & take it anywhere to achieve an effortless amazing look.

Cling to The Poppy Moroccan Dress when you are missing summer, and we promise that others will want to hold on just as tightly to you because of how amazing you look. Feel the warmth of a summer embrace all year round in this dress. And remember, Piper & Scoot encourages you to walk on the bright & sunny side of life! 


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