A Gal’s Very Own, Personal, Boutique of Clothes

There are tons and tons of cute, chic, and classy boutiques in Utah alone. Then, there’s the mass of online boutiques with ads that always post the most Pinterest-worthy outfits. Each boutique promising the most fashionable or the most trendy outfit you’ll ever own.

So, what sets Piper and Scoot apart from the rest?  


Look Fabulous and Let Us Do the Work

Kylee Middleton, founder of Piper and Scoot, assures customers a unique shopping experience unmatched by other boutiques. Piper and Scoot vows to find your perfect sweater, dress, or shoe, no matter what. Let us help you decide how many layers you’ll need this winter or whether you should go with the stripes or florals.

Send Piper and Scoot that screenshot of the outfit you’ve been eyeing to imitate all year and tag us on Pinterest, comment on our Instagram, or email us at info@piperandscoot.com. You have our word that we will hunt down that piece (or something that looks exactly like it) for you. We know, it’s almost too good to be true. It’s like having a personal stylist accessing beautiful boutique clothes of your very own.


Modest Clothing for the Winter Chill

Modest clothing for women becomes more popular during those chilly, snow-filled months. Long gone are the days you need to layer a t-shirt under a summer dress to be modest and warm. At Piper and Scoot, we update our boutique clothing for women with seasonal styles, while maintaining comfortable and conservative coverage.

But conservative doesn’t have to mean boring or ordinary. Props to Apple for making minimalist designs a thing again. At Piper and Scoot, modest clothing for women transforms simplicity into ultimate sophistication. Soft cardigans, delicate floral sweaters, and ankle booties galore are just some of our winter favorites. See some of our winter picks from our boutique clothing online below:


What’s stopping you? Snag these boutique favorites before anyone else does. Dress up and show up for your next ice skating date, trip to Paris, or walking down the aisles of your local grocery store. There’s nothing our outfits can’t handle.

Check out Piper and Scoot’s boutique clothing online today and shop some of the most beautiful items out there.