Simple Guide to Women’s Chic Winter Boots

When the temperature drops like a good Taylor Swift album, girls around the valley scuffle to prepare their winter wear. The coats, scarves, and gloves are out, but one winter necessity that’s commonly quick to wear and tear is the winter shoe. There are few things worse than walking home and slipping on the icy sidewalks in front of your crush because your winter boot has no traction. Or feeling the damp and soggy slush of your socks because your winter shoe wasn’t weatherproofed like you thought.

Piper and Scoot is here to avoid these winter shoe disasters through this simple guide to selecting the perfect women’s chic winter boots and shoes. Here, you can discover what to look for when shopping for fashionable winter boots with full winter functions.





Most women’s winter shoes are made from heavy-duty nylon or leather. Even though initially it may not look like it, both of these materials are resistant to abrasion, punctures, and wind. Make sure the top of the winter boot extends past the ankle for maximum protection from the chill and snow. DWR (durable water repellent) coating is a major plus! If your women’s winter boot includes these constructional elements, it’s a definite winner. Now, just find colors and styles that complement your winter outfit.



The winter boot’s insulation will either be built directly into the shoe or included as a removable liner. Built-in insulation is usually made of some type of synthetic fill, but if the boot features down insulation it’s a sign that it’s a top-notch boot. Removable liners found in boots are usually made of felted wool, polypropylene, acrylic, or a blend of materials. Proper insulation will become your general guideline to determine how warm a pair of boots will be. A big part of feeling chic and confident in your own shoes, is making sure those shoes are comfortably warm.



Finally, the very bottom of a winter boot will be one of the most important parts of a good women’s winter shoe. The outsole absolutely needs to be made of rubber or a similar material. Look for fashionable winter boots with rubber outsole treads to provide the best traction on slick surfaces. Prevent dangerous slips and slides on ice and snow by making sure your winter boot has this essential feature.


Buy With Confidence

Winter is the perfect time to venture out of your comfort zone as a New Year approaches. Women’s chic winter boots are always staple but they can also take a while to put on. Try something new like slip-on clogs. These are perfect for quick errands to the grocery store or leaving the house for a minute to check the mail.


Whatever you choose, carefully read the details in each women's winter shoe listing, including materials, cost, and sizing chart. Now that you know what to look for in the perfect women’s winter shoe, you can purchase on any online boutique with confidence.