High-Waisted Bottoms: The Suit to Suit Your Needs

Between beach volleyball with a side of half-melted cones, summer’s in full swing and our boutique bathing bottoms are anything but vanilla. Stay trendy, modernly-modest and keep those assets at bay with our high-waisted suits. Check out our new picks for something over-the-belly that isn’t too over-the-top!

Stay cute and covered from Plain-Jane to flamingo and floral high-waisted bottoms. You’ll swoon for belly coverage and a little less sunburn with bottoms made from comfy, breathable, non-constricting fabrics. Stay stylin’ and tamed with our not-your-grandmother’s high-waisted bottoms. A midsummer night’s dream!

high-waisted floral swimsuit


Expect the best: these bottoms perfectly accommodate expectant mothers. Oh yeah, baby. Feel comfortable and fitted without the tightness. Yes, pregnant women can rock a two-piece and that’s no stretch!

Keep the same bottoms around postpartum. Still rock ‘em while the little one rocks to sleep.

Tame the Frame

So, did those winter workouts pay off or do you feel like a beached whale? If so, don’t! Go under-cover. For anyone that may LOOK summer-bod-ready but isn’t quite feeling it, your secret is safe with us. Look fab and feel fab in our sleek and slimming black scalloped bottoms to feel as confident as you look. Run, jump, swim, or relax with one less thing to worry about.


More Money For Sunnies and Tanning Oil

Save money! Since our bottoms are sold separately, there is no need to commit to a top too. Snag your favorite to pair with a top you’ve already got. Better yet, be your own designer and mix and match with any Piper & Scoot tops for something unique to you. Check out our high-waisted skirt for an extra feminine flare. Top it off with the perfect pair of sunnies and tanning oil for a day in the sun made.

Count the compliments faster than the waves crash with Piper & Scoot’s high-waisted versatile summer swimsuit pick. Don’t wait!

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