Inventory Specialist

The Inventory department has exceptional math and observation skills. As an Inventory Specialist, you can expect to work closely with management, develop and improve existing procedures and policies, prevent losses, and occasionally do some heavy lifting. Your other responsibilities include maintaining storage facilities, ensuring the accuracy of inventory records and processing online and in-store returns once they’re received at the warehouse. An Inventory Specialist should have excellent interpersonal communication skills, a firm grasp of basic computer programs, and an ability to work both independently and in a team.


o Excellent communication skills

o Ability to work a set schedule

o Working knowledge of computer programs for entering data

o Willingness to follow written and oral directions and ask questions if any manager directive is vague or unclear

o Positive attitude allowing for efficient teamwork

o Self-starter

o Ability to prioritize work activities in order to complete work responsibilities in a timely manner

o Good physical condition


o Ensure inventory is seamlessly prepared and delivered to our retail stores

  • Unwrapping, tagging, and barcoding new items from receiving (all other vendor hang tags must be removed)
  • Separating into separate retail delivery boxes and place on the delivery pallet with corresponding store name

o Pull and prepare restock items for retail store replenishment orders

  • Using the tablet, Single Pick with order number (from Mal) and pull accordingly

**Note: Notify Mal if any items in order are unable to be processed or found

  • Print barcodes for Retail store order using the corresponding store variant
  • Multi-Label Barcodes App (In Shopify, under apps)
  • Add product>type in product name>select all sizes in order (with correct retail variant)>manually add qty from the order to queue
  • Create label as the Zebra label
  • Unwrapping, tagging, and barcoding item in order for store variant

o Maintain accurate records and assist in inventory control

  • Cycle Count
  • Correct on-the-spot location discrepancies

o Returns 

  • Online: fold, pack in clear bag (with barcode facing up), and Putaway returns in warehouse
  • Retail: separate in-store from online; scan according to training

o Assist in deliveries to be made to the retail store from new shipments

o Keep Inventory area sanitary, tidy, and organized; empty and replace garbage at end of each shift, as well as take out recycling at end of each shift

o Flatten white boxes used for retail orders at end of each shift

o Log in/out of tablet at the beginning and end of each shift using individual login information