Online Clothing Boutique: Solve Your Clothing Crisis

You know that moment when you were trying to find the perfect dress for your first day back to college? Or what about the time you needed a new swimsuit to take on your cruise to the Caribbean? We’ve all been there before, and it can be such a drag to find the perfect outfit.


You want to find the perfect outfit that fits just right, is absolutely adorable, and is just so you. Unfortunately, shopping can be so hard these days. There are a myriad of different stores and brands, and it can be impossible to find what you are looking for.


Piper & Scoot is an online clothing boutique there for you when you experience a clothing crisis. From dresses to swimwear, we’ve got everything you could ever want, so you can dress to impress in those crucial moments.


Four Ways to Solve Your Clothing Crises

Since we are a boutique, we only carry a certain number of clothing items in stock at a time. We want to make sure that we have the most exclusive options for all of your clothing crises.
Trying to find clothing after childbirth isn’t the most fun. We understand that. In order to help you find stylish clothing for the new mom in you, we offer a large selection of cute nursing friendly clothing. We’ve got your back, ladies!
We know the drill, the seasons change and all of a sudden floral dresses become the next big thing. Then another couple of months go by and everyone goes crazy for chevron. Clothing crisis! We are committed to helping you stay up with the trends and provide all of the popular styles that are currently in style.
So, you are sitting on the couch because you have nothing better to do while your boyfriend is at work. Find us on Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration for your next ensemble.



Always a Solution for You

So, whether you are looking for the perfect sun dress for the summer or the cutest top for the fall, we’ve got a solution for your clothing crisis.

Visit us at Piper & Scoot today.