Piper & Scoot: Not Your Grandmother’s One-Piece

Ebon print one-piece swimsuit                                                


Piper & Scoot has gone back in time this summer! Why? Retro swimsuits are still thriving better than snow on the mountains in April. But that’s just a peek at what our variety unique boutique swimwear has to offer. From Kate Spade to Free People and Piper & Scoot modern originals, we’ve got you covered like a one-piece. But please, don’t limit yourself to just a one-piece. With this season’s hot new steals, we are confident you can’t.


A Little Bit of Everything

Our range of one- and two-piece swimwear options means we have suits to suit them all! Ladies, snatch up a modern twist on the timeless classics like our one-piece cut outs, or a sure-to-flatter, high-waisted conservative bikini. Stash anything from floral and pastel to bright and geometric. Whether you’re just lounging in the sun or taking a dip, our flared and flirty swim dresses take a beach babe from swim to prim faster than a wave breaks. And speaking of waves, wave goodbye to the mainstream with a daring but darling off-the-shoulder option. That beach boy will be digging you harder than a sand castle. Summer just got hotter.

We all gotta keep those burns at bay and maybe some of us want to stay active without worrying about the mobility or coverage (or lack thereof) of our swimsuit. Whether you surf, serve a volleyball, or go for a round-off for that perfect Instagram photo, there’s a total need for “hands, arms, feet, and legs inside at all times” if you know what I mean. Don’t be so quick to turn heads away from our head-turning rashguards and stunning surf suits. Take the plunge into the deep end or deep sea with our warming and protective turtlenecks and long sleeved body suits. Get that UV protection and some additional coverage insurance that a little extra fabric has to offer. Staying warm in the water without the sunburn has never been more trendy! (If ever.) Can’t take the heat? Get back in the water.


Wardrobe Reload at Piper & Scoot

With summer vacay on the horizon, our fresh inventory is on the rise, ready to reload your summer-ready wardrobe! As amazing as 2016 was for us here at Piper & Scoot (hello new store front!), we are anxious for summer 2017: boutique swimwear sure to please modest moms and burnin’-up beach babes everywhere. Hop online anytime or visit us in Draper today!