School is just around the corner and Piper & Scoot wants you to be prepared. We have accessories for every kind of student there is. Even if you're not going to school, we still encourage you to use the excuse of "going back to school shopping" because YOU deserve it! So what kind of student are you? 

Street Student:

You don't let a classroom get in the way of your education, you take it to the streets. You learn through your experiences, adventures, and even your mistakes.

Hobo Merrin Convertible Backpack. It can act as a purse AND a carry-on so you're ready to go as soon as those tickets abroad go for a good price. S'Well Smokey Eye  Bottle. Staying hydrated is important and you'll never have to wonder where the water came from or if you can drink it, if you know what I mean.  Arvo Awristacat Black Case/Mesh Watch. You may not have an international phone plan or even service for that matter & you're going to need to know the time. 

Straight A Bae:

 Getting straight A's may give you the reputation of being boring/typical. So you've taken it upon yourself to prove to people that not only can you get good grades, but you can get them in style.

Swan Lake Water Bottle. It's not about appearances & you're going to show them that anyone who stands out and works hard can swim with the swans. Hello, Beautiful Zip Pouch. Positive self-affirmation really is a sign of success and where else are you going to keep your newly sharpened pencils? Rose Parade Agenda. Everything is coming up roses when you are organized.


Prep Rally: 

You know the saying, "preppy never goes out of style." It's so true. You are the student who knows that being a class act will not only lead you to be successful in academics but also in the fashion department. 

 Watermelon Crew Socks. Pink & green are THE signature colors plus layered with your favorites kicks or loafers complete the prep. The Marble+Brass Jewelry Stand. The perfect place to hold your pearls. The Laurel Backpack in Blush. Pink is your power color, now just your initials monogrammed on there & you're all set.

Now that you know what kind of student you are, what kind of grades are you going to get? Piper & Scoot knows you'll at least get an A+ when it comes to style! Don't forget to tag us in your back to school looks with #psbacktoschoolstyle!


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