Who knew being organized could look so cute? #nerdalert. Piper & Scoot is obsessed with these Ban.do products and we know you will be to. Just call us "The Nerd Herd" over here because we can't stop organizing and prioritizing, thanks to these agendas.

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Instead of adorning your notebook with your crush's initials, try using these stickers instead. #friesbeforeguys. Plus peeling off stickers is way easier & looks way better than scribbling them out when an even cuter boy moves in. 

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You will find a bunch of other super fun holidays to celebrate. Like National Cake Day, Disco Ball Day, Best Friend Day, and easily everyone's favorite...National Taco Day. Even though we like to celebrate that one weekly #tacotuesday.

Inside you'll also find reminders & much needed pep talks like "love more." "Do your thing." And "Good things are coming." It's practically like a Magic 8 Ball of positivity. It'll become your best friend AND help you keep your best friend by not letting you forget their birthday! 

 Additional Goodness:

  • gold wire-o binding - So you'll be blinging it.
  • elastic band closure - So it'll be like a secret diary that can hold all your secrets!
  • double-sided pocket page - So you can keep your love notes.
  • color-coded month tabs - Because everything is cuter when it's color-coded.
  • the cutest sticker pages of all time - Bedazzling never goes out of style.
  • awesome artwork throughout - So you'll feel like an art collector, which is so hip right now.
  • year view, month view + week view - To keep you busy all year long.
  • extra notes pages - So your continual thought process will never be interrupted.
  • fun weekend to-dos - So you'll never have to think of something to do when you get asked out & you don't want to go but think of an excuse fast enough.
  • so many compliments - Because those help make your day too.
  • “12 things you need to know about your ban.do agenda” poster - Because ever since One Direction broke up, you've been needing something to replace that blank space above your bed.

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So be sure to pencil a trip into Piper & Scoot in. And don't write us off yet, or if you do, at least write us off in one of these adorable planners and we guarantee you'll be back!


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