You had me at ALOE...

Looking for an easy project to help beautify and enliven your space? Piper & Scoot has the answer with an easy tutorial and decorating tips. Succulent planters can be placed anywhere that's light enough, so either indoor or outdoors would work! They add color, life, and texture to bookshelves, porches, tables, or window sills.  

The difference between a succulent and a cactus? "Cactus (cacti is the Latin plural of cactus) is simply a succulent that can store moisture but is placed in a separate category (Cactaceae). Conversely, not all succulents are cactus." -Susan Croissant

(image via Becki Owens)

Steps to planting:
1.) Fill planter with potting mix. We recommend using succulent mix, which has sand mixed into the soil that helps absorb the excess water.
2.) Place succulent in planter. Placement is important! Whether you organize by color, size, or prickliness!
3.) Water the soil, not the succulent. Do not over water, soggy roots will drown it.
4.) Put the succulent on display. Place succulent in a dry and well-lit place.
Favorite planters:


So join us and become a SUCKER FOR SUCCULENTS! 



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