Happy Fourth of July!

The day consists of BBQ'S, celebrating with family and outdoor fun. Followed by fireworks once the sun goes down, but then how can you document your amazing red, white, and blue outfit you spent the last month perfecting?

Here's how: sparkler photos! Most of us don't carry around a clunky camera, so here is how you can achieve that professional grade sparkler photo with the ease and accessibility of your trusty ol' phone.

Things needed:
  • Friends (the more the merrier)
  • Sparklers (get extra so you can practice to get the perfect shot)
  • Tripod (or just something stationary to place the phone on)
  • Slow Shutter Cam App (the best $1.00 you can spend besides a McDonald's drink)


1.) Open the Slow Shutter Cam App and adjust the shutter speed to 15 seconds. You can play around with it depending on your light situation & preferences. The longer the shutter is left open, the more light it lets in.

2.) Place your phone on the tripod or make sure it is stationary so that the picture does not become blurry. Even if your friend can stand amazingly still, we assure you that placing the phone on something stationary is ideal.

3.) Take a few test shots to make sure the lighting, shutter speed, and sparklers are all in the shot. You will want the sparklers lit for this, so we suggest you have a few on hand.

4.) Strike that pose! Have a flare for creativity, light up your life, sparkle & shine, and any other sparkler pun you can think of!

Ideas & Tips:

  • Remember to write words backwards.
  • You can use the start & stop feature on the app to get rid of lines created between letters.
  • Have patience.
  • Keep it short & sweet. 

Use words associated with the Fourth of July: freedom, happy, usa, etc.

Your John Hancock: What better way to honor our founders than to leave our signature & try to make history?

The year: Maybe this is your baby's first Fourth or maybe this year marks a special occasion, remember it by documenting the year.

Piper & Scoot hopes you enjoy your day and don't work as hard as those guys in the hot dog eating contests do. Stay safe, look amazing and keep in mind, you can't start a fire without a spark! 


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