Summer is here, FINALLY, and it's time to talk about what we'll probably be wearing the most: SWIMSUITS!


People focus too much on their "swimsuit ready bods" and not enough time on swimsuit care. And let's face it, you can belong on Baywatch but if you have a faded, smelly, neglected looking swimsuit, no one is going to be able to see past that! Don't panic, we're here to help....

The BEST way to wash your swimsuit is...

The BEST way is to hand wash your swimsuit in a sink or bucket of cold, never hot, water. 

The BEST soap to use is baby detergent like Dreft. Another good option is Wool Light or any other mild detergent. Never put the soap directly on the suit, always mix it into the water. 

The BEST way to rinse your swimsuit is to drain the soapy water then rinse the suit out with fresh cold water. 

The BEST way to dry your swimsuit is to lay it flat on a smooth dry surface inside & away from direct sunlight. 

We understand that when summer comes, the last thing you want to do is take forever to wash your swimsuit, so simplify! Throw your suit in the shower with you when you rinse off after a nice swim. Sunscreen acts as your best friend against damaging rays, but it is your swimsuits worst enemy. So remember to rinse & wash your suit off just like you would yourself!

*For extra care, you can always use baking soda to eliminate stains. Plus the use of white vinegar will act as an antibacterial deodorizing agent.*

**Things you NEVER want to do**

1.) NEVER let your swimsuit sit out, especially in the sun. Always try to rinse it immediately after wearing. 

2.) NEVER wring out your suit, it stretches & ruins the elasticity of it.

3.) NEVER place your swimsuit in the dryer!!

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