Here at Piper & Scoot we love connecting with anyone who loves being a girl as much as we do. We want to encourage growing a community that is positive and positively stylish.  May we introduce you to one such stylish babe. Tacy is going into her junior year of high school in Arizona. Take a look at how she chose to style her favorite Piper & Scoot back to school looks HERE!

Tacy Rapier (@tacyliz)

My inspiration: Hailey Devine, Tessa Barton, and Heather Goodman.

Favorite place to travel: Topsail Island, NC.

Dream job: Traveling photographer /videographer.

Favorite music: Everything from Beyonce to Sam Hunt to Colbie Calliat.

Biggest influence: My mom.

My style: Simple, comfy and cute.

What I love about photography /video: I love meeting new people and working with different brands, I'm kind of shy and it helps me get out of my comfort zone! I also love seeing my creative ideas in real life!

Favorite food: Regular and sweet potato fries, and lots of fruit.

Sport: Swim (high school and club)

Hobbies: Anything creative! I love to paint using watercolors. I'm a lifeguard and I play water polo.

Thanks Tacy for giving us a look into your high school experience! Piper & Scoot can't wait to see more. 


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