When you are living in your new home away from home, it is important that it reflects who you are. It is where you'll binge watch your favorite shows, make new friends, maybe catch a few z's but most likely, you'll be pulling all nighters to finish your homework. Piper & Scoot wants to help you deck out your dorm so it is a place you want to be & not a place you have to be.

Custom Prints (just for our customers) Because we love you so much, we wanted to provide you with a reminder you can put right on your wall! We had these custom prints designed by our own amazing graphic designer Sydney Brown just for YOU! So print them out & show us what you got! 

p.s. you are loved download here

 flower one print download here

flower two download here 

Add a live low maintenance plant. If you can manage to keep a plant alive then do you really need to attend Biology? We suggest succulents, cacti, ficus or ferns to add life into your space. We wrote a post before about how to plant a succulent here.


This vase at Piper & Scoot is a great size for a table, shelf, or by the bed.

Sprinkle with twinkle lights. They are a great alternative to a lamp and you won't ever have to change a light bulb! The holidays are a fun way to switch it up, holiday lights are both festive & functional.

These lights give off a soft glow & would look great above a bed or a window.

Alarm clock. Because you can't always trust your phone or maybe you just need a backup.

This alarm clock at Piper & Scoot is modern & gets the job done in a stylish way.

Throw on a throw blanket. A simple throw blanket can keep you cozy without ever having to unmake your bed and it is easy to grab for some Netflix on the couch.

This throw blanket is the comfiest & cutest on any bed, chair or couch.

Here are some of our favorite looks we pulled from Pinterest.

Piper & Scoot knows that to be a good student you have to feel good! We want to be a part of your life, not just in your closet, but in your whole house. We hope that your new space gets an A+, even if that's the only one you get all year!


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