Enliven your look with The Alida Dress in green. This muted green hue is a subtle nod to the greenery of summer and the sea foam scenery of warmer days once spent. Piper & Scoot is proud to announce another stunning color in one of our favorite dresses.

If you like pretty things, The Alida Dress needs to be in your life! This color looks incredible on every skin and hair color. The extensive embroidery is sure to draw attention! The empire waist creates a slimming silhouette for all shapes and sizes.

 The Alida Dress is perfect for maternity wear that is both functional and fashionable during all stages of pregnancy. It is also the perfect post pregnancy dress because it is still stylish, comfortable & nursing friendly.

This dress is like a getaway you can wrap yourself in much like your oversized beach towel you cuddled up in when the ocean breeze picked up. The Alida Dress is a linen blend that layers well and pairs perfectly with any other fabric you choose to wear it with. Denim & leather jackets or wool & cotton cardigans are all options to consider if a getaway isn't on the horizon.

The Alida Dress in green is the perfect seaside escape to keep you stylish & reminiscent of summer. Piper & Scoot can't promise you a tropical getaway, but we can promise you'll look fresh & beautiful. So cast away your troubles and set sail for style in The Alida Dress.


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