We'd like to welcome into the Piper & Scoot family, The Ellie Dress. This dress is our idea of a timeless keepsake that you can pass down within your family as well. We like to think of it as the white dress without being THE white dress. 

The Ellie Dress has all the timeless details and elegance of THE white dress without being too over the top, heavy, or dated. The Ellie Dress has embroidery lace detailing and delicate buttons. The ethereal and feminine qualities that invoke a feeling of everlasting romance. 


The Ellie Dress is a short sleeve knee-length style white dress. It has a sheer overlay with large floral embroidery stitched on top. It is fully lined and has a partial button-down, so it is nursing friendly. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the setting and occasion. The Ellie Dress has the simplicity and style you want in a dress.

 The Ellie Dress will stand the test of time and look great for whatever season of life you're in. It is perfect for meaningful events in life such as, graduations, engagement, and pregnancy. It looks great in photographs and will look even better on you. 

Here at Piper & Scoot we don't just want to provide clothes, we want to provide you with pieces that can be a part of your history. It's not just about trends that come and go. Don't get us wrong, we want to be a part of your everyday but we also want to be a part of your forever! So will you buy this dress & make us the happiest because it'll make you feel & look the prettiest?


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