Piper & Scoot wanted to provide an exclusive dress that was always on trend but never out of season. And as a result, we came up with The Hailey Dress. It can be winterized, accessorized, and characterized.

The Hailey Dress is outfitted for any occasion and is thoughtfully embellished. The delicate buttons and simple black embroidery on the bodice aren't the only stunning details this dress has to offer. It also features a cut out crochet panel in the sleeves that starts just past the shoulder as a subtle surprising bonus. It is nursing friendly! 

Winterize The Hailey Dress by adding tights for function and fashion. Boots of any style will complete the look.

Characterize The Hailey Dress by adding your personality to it. You can add edge with a leather jacket. You can wear this dress with sandals for a more casual summer look. Try adding a pop of color. And speaking of color...

Accessorize The Hailey Dress by choosing a color that fits your mood, the weather, or any events you are attending. Thanks to the black & white this dress has to offer, any color you choose to add will look great.

Wear The Hailey Dress and we emphasize that you'll have everyone mesmerized by your look. So get ready to be idolized. 


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