Piper & Scoot is proud to be run by a mom and provide dresses made for moms. We understand busy schedules, endless laundry, and still wanting to look & feel your best. We created The Laurel Dress, if this dress had another name it would simply be: mom uniform. 

The Laurel Dress is breathable, washable & completely wearable in a number of different ways. The empire waist provides a flattering fit for all body types. The flutter sleeves give a feminine and effortless look. And the embroidery creates subtle texture with a classic yet trendy look.

You’re the mom of many different hats. And The Laurel Dress happens to look cute with a variety of hats as well. Whether it’s to cover up five-day hair or just to add additional interest, a hat is a cute way to create more with your look.

This dress looks great with no necklaces all the way to teething necklaces. But let's be honest, any & all jewelry becomes teething options in a bind! Thanks to the large print floral embroidery, The Laurel Dress doesn’t need accessories to look complete and put together.

Moms are always on the run. If your shoe option for the day happens to be sneakers or flats, no problem. This dress also can pull off boots or heels if you're feeling like taking a risk or going on a hot date. 

Whether you're going to be a mom some nine months from today, or even tomorrow, this dress will provide comfort & style for those uncomfortable & long days! Piper & Scoot's definition of mom can extend to any woman anywhere who is trying to create a better tomorrow by working hard & influencing those around them in a positive way. So basically, what we're saying is. The Laurel Dress is for YOU! Yes, you. 


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