"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo da Vinci

Piper & Scoot doesn't want to deal with complicated fabrics or over the top designs. Avant garde may be all the rage on the runway, but we are here for the everyday. 

We took aspects of what most would consider a sophisticated look & combined them in a simplistic everyday dress. Ruffles, clean lines, button detailing, and ethereal movement. Introducing our exclusive Peasant Dress in Olive Green.

The ruffle sleeves are understated and exude femininity. The sleeve length is in line with the shape of the arm & stops at a flattering length. The fabric hugs the arm gently so as not to create bulk when layering a jacket or cardigan over. 

The clean lines and cut of the dress were carefully crafted to complement all body shapes & sizes. We wanted to create a dress that wasn't going to get in the way of the messy day-to-day. So even though there may be a mess around you, you'll look clean & put together in the minimal yet completed look of the Peasant Dress in Olive Green.

The buttons are there to simplify dressing & provide a flattering look. The brass coloring was chosen because it best complements the dress colors. The color adds interest without taking away from the natural beauty. The size and shape were selected because they enhance without distraction. 


A gauzy linen blend creates movement & texture without the fuss of stiff fancy fabrics.The Peasant Dress in Olive Green breathes, moves, and becomes a sophisticated extension of yourself. 


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