Yellow flowers are said to symbolize: happiness, pride, success, and friendship.

They are also said to evoke joy, much like this dress.

Piper & Scoot's latest exclusive dress the Swenson Floral Dress has a looser yet flattering fit with a bit of stretch that is perfect for year-round wear. It features sunny florals that pop against the black. It is fully lined.

Weddings, graduations, and both baby or bridal showers involve flowers. Fresh flowers are a great way to bring in color and freshness into any life event. They are one of the most traditional ways to show affection toward those we love.


Piper & Scoot wanted to capture the warm and cozy feelings you get when you receive or give flowers to those you care about. So we provided the Swenson Floral Dress that gives you coverage, personality, and is sure to gain you some affectionate compliments. 


Piper & Scoot wants to grow happiness, friendship, and evoke joy by helping everyone feel like they can be their own bouquet of beauty.

Gift, wear, and bloom in the Swenson Floral Dress. 



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