Top 10 reasons the Waterford Dress is the perfect spring break dress.

Actually, it's just the perfect dress. For anywhere, anytime.

And it's only available at Piper & Scoot.

It comes in two colors, both equally amazing. Here's why...

1. ) Easy to wash: no dry clean necessary for this dress. it is as easy to wash as it is to throw on & look good in.

2.) unrestricted wear: it doesn't tug or hug in places you don't want it to. this dress lets you move how you want to.

3.) Fabric blend: along with being able to move, the tencel rayon blend of this dress is breathable and will not suffocate you. Plus it is lined, all the way through the sleeves.

4.) neutral colors: neutral colors that look good with all skin tones, hair color, and besides yourself, it looks good in all landscapes & backgrounds. not to mention timeless in photos to document your fun trip.

5.) personalized: the perfect backdrop, like the perfect sunset you hopefully get to witness on vacation, to accessorize how you want. add scarves & tights in cooler weather. hats for all weather. plus a variety of shoes.

6.) layerable: this dress is lightweight enough to throw a jacket over. It stands alone in greatness, but necklaces or pops of color with your shoes are great options too.


7.) pockets: collect seashells or other souvenirs from your travels in the pockets on either side of this dress. 

8.) easy to pack: going on a road trip, an airplane, or going anywhere? throw this dress in any suitcase. It is wrinkle resistant. 

9.) flattering shape: The shape of this dress flatters every body type and works in a variety of ways.

10.) Exclusive: You're only going to find it here. Which gives you not just a new look, but an exclusive look.

So make the trip in store to Piper & Scoot or know that we ship free. 


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