Piper & Scoot was founded 3.5 years ago in a 400 sq foot studio apartment by Kylee and Nate Middleton. 2017 proved to be their most expansive, albeit exciting, year yet! With creating their own label, building a new warehouse, and growing their family as well by the cutest new addition named Lenny. Here are a few questions to help expand on their expansive year!
Q: What was your greatest business (and/or) personal accomplishment of 2017?
A: Having a second child and still managing to shower appox. 1x a week. It's been a struggle, but you know, #consistency. Seriously though, seeing my family grow has made my heart so full this year. Piper becoming a big sister has been one of the best things to watch, and seeing Nate with a baby always makes my heart pitter-patter. Business-wise, we hit 100k orders earlier in the year, and it was humbling to think of how many people have supported us in this CRAZY endeavor. 

Q: What was your theme song of 2017?
A: "Anything sang by a Disney princess. Piper is the boss."

Q: What was the biggest change (business/personal) of 2017?
A: "Deciding to move our warehouse. It was/is super daunting to take a leap of faith, but we are hopeful that we are able to continue to grow because of the move. Now, if I could have an office back again and quit working from a camping chair, that would really put a cherry on top of 2017."

Q: What are you most looking forward to for 2018?
A: "Spending time with my family and friends at our cabin. I'm going to teach myself to be more outdoorsy.. You heard me. OUTDOORSY."

Q: What fashion trend do you hope to try in 2018?
A: "Non-maternity pants...."

Q: What was your catch phrase or mantra for 2017?
A: "'Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners..' I'm pretty sure I found it on the Instagram explore page and it had a picture of Michael Phelps attached to it..."

Q: What hobby are you hoping to try in 2018?
A: "Cycling! But indoors.. Because NO ONE wants to go over their handle bars and mess up their face on asphalt.. Am I right?"

Q: Would you rather get more money or more sleep in 2018?
A: "SLEEP. Newborns are no joke! But if I made more money in 2018 and got less sleep, I would hire someone to put a pacifier in my baby's mouth every time he cried and then they would come in and make sure I was tucked in nicely and that my husband wasn't stealing my covers... And that, my friends, is how you get more sleep with more money! But, let's be real, SLEEP IS KING."

Q: Tell us the first memory that comes to your mind when you think back on the past year?
A: "Honestly, labor comes to mind. I'll spare you the details, but it was an incredible experience I'll never forget. Also, I'll probably never be forgiven for how many curse words left my mouth, so the big man upstairs probably won't forget it either..."

Q: What was the biggest risk you took in 2017? Did it pay off?
A: "Starting our own private label. It definitely has paid off in certain aspects, but it has definitely been a learning curve for me! I've loved to have more say in how things look though! It's an itch I've needed to scratch for 24 years now, and I'm glad we are doing it!"

Q: Define 2017 in three words
A: "LOTS OF PROJECTS--Seriously though, 2018, let's cool it on the to-do lists."

Q: What goals do you have for 2018?
A: "Be more present--put my phone down and just enjoy watching my kids.
Time Management--I plan to master this before I die.. So stay tuned.
Beat my husband in a foot race."

Q: What was your guilty pleasure of 2017?
A: "THIS IS US. Nate and I watched it religiously.. And if I didn't cry in an episode, Nate would look over at me with a tear-stained face and yell, 'HAVE YOU NO HEART??'"

Q: Where can we expect to see you in 2018?
A: "I'd like to say the gym, but most likely I'll be barricaded in my office."
There you have it, folks. Piper & Scoot couldn't be what it is today without the customers and community support. So...THANK YOU.  Bring it on, 2018!


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