Nothing is more memorable than photographs of defining moments and everyday events. Photographs provide tangible evidence of your experiences, making them unforgettable. Literally.

 Piper & Scoot is lucky enough to have the unmatchable talent of Tressa Roberts as our in-house photographer.

Q: What is your favorite part about photographs & being a photographer?

A: "I love the impact that a photograph can have, just like any other art form. One of the things I love is that there are so many different applications with photography. Without the photographs of the clothes, the clothes wouldn't sell. When I do wedding and couple shoots I love that I'm able to capture those raw feelings. It's so fun to just be in the moment with the person you love and then look back and be able to see your pure happiness in that moment." 

Q: Do you have a favorite camera or tool you use?
A: "I shoot with a Canon Mark IV and I love it. I'd love to someday be advanced (and rich) enough to own a Hasselblad! Shooting film is always good to just change things up. I shoot with a medium format Pentax a lot of the time for film, it's also amazing. Fixed lenses are my favorite because they are so incredibly sharp, I'm still working on increasing my camera and equipment library." 
Q: Is there a specific outfit or style you feel most comfortable wearing while shooting?
A: "I try to always make sure I'm comfortable but still look some what cute. Leggings are always a must. Sometimes if it's an early morning shoot, make up just isn't going to happen. But otherwise I want to look good because it gives me confidence and helps me shoot better!"
Q: What memories do you feel are the most important to capture?
A: "The moments when you forget the camera is there."
Q: What do you hope to capture in every picture?
A: "With fashion photography I try to capture the essence of the clothes and I want to be able to look at every picture and say, dang that's good I want to buy that. With photography as a whole, I hope my imagery captures life, what it is to go through life, my journey, as well as other people's unique journeys."
Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

A: "Honestly I find inspiration everywhere. Every time I see an image, it has the potential to be inspiring. Billboards, magazines, advertisements, etc. I'd say the every day place I find my inspiration is Instagram. I follow a ton of amazing photographers and when I see the beauty they create, I attempt to recreate that same kind of beauty. I also gain a lot of inspiration from art history, and the history of photography specifically. Knowing the significance of imagery from the beginning and it's history really helps me push my experimentation and creativity." 

Q: Who is your favorite photographer?

A: "One of my favorite photographers is India Earl, she's so good at working with the people she shoots and just capturing love. One of my all time favorite photographers is Richard Avedon. He did fashion photography and changed the way fashion photography was seen. Look him up!"

Q: Who would you want to photograph if you could take anyone’s picture?

A: "John Mayer and Justin Timberlake are two of my favorite artists and it would be a dream to do a photoshoot with them."

Now you know what goes on in a genius photographer's mind. Thanks Tressa for giving us your insight into how to capture memorable moments. Look her up & follow along when you have memorable moments you want to capture.


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