Piper & Scoot is pumped to introduce our favorite guy in the company. Nate Middleton, co-founder and husband of our very own Kylee Middleton. 

What first attracted you about Kylee? "Her fierce love for card games."

Does Kylee have any nicknames for you? "@natemid"

What is your role in the company? "I like to think of myself as the Janitor by day and President by night."

Name your design aesthetic. "Nah- I wear the same pair of shoes every day so I’m disqualified."

How do you create balance between the two lives of work life & home life? "It’s an area that we are constantly trying to improve on. I don’t think that a perfect balance is possible to achieve and I also don’t think it’s realistic to expect such. Life is busy with two kids and a growing business. We feel so grateful for the 'two lives' we have and try to make the most out of each moment that we are in whether it’s home or work."

What is your power jam? The song you listen to when you need motivation? "Any Disney Princess song really. That’s all the music that is played around our house with Piper in charge. One day I’ll jam to Belle and the next it might be Jasmine. On a good day you might even catch me head bobbing to Pocahontas."

Name your favorite item at Piper & Scoot, then tell us why it’s your favorite. "The Eleanor Dress. It’s my favorite item right now but it has been a labor of love to get to this point. Without a doubt, it has had more thought, research, and development go into it from our team, manufacturer, and even other designers outside our company. You won’t find another dress we carry that has been through the same extensive process. (I’m writing this as we have a new and improved sample in hand to further perfect it for our incoming restock.)"

Where’s your dream vacation spot? "We always talk about going to Hawaii. One day we’ll actually make it happen."

What’s something you want us to know about Piper & Scoot? "That there are so many incredible employees that work their hardest each and every day to make it what it has become. Piper & Scoot is only as good as the employees and we have some amazing employees."

Now raise your hand if Nate Middleton is your new favorite person. We figured you would. Piper & Scoot is all about building a positive, fun and empowering community. And it all starts with these guys right here.

So join us in rocking out to Disney jams, heading to Hawaii, and hopefully changing our shoes more. Or hopefully at least our socks. 


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