Piper & Scoot has a retail girl squad that would rival any other squad out there. And coming up next on our staff introductions is, Quincy Haisley. She is sweet as pie, which also happens to be her favorite dessert. Here's more about her...
Would you rather lose all of your money & valuables or all of the pictures you've ever taken? " I'd definitely rather lose all my valuables! I think pictures are priceless and 'things' can easily be replaced."
If you could have anyone else's wardrobe, who would it be? " Blake Lively, hands down."
What is your favorite dessert? "PIE - seriously, any type."
What clothing items do you repeatedly buy & wear?   "I try to buy a lot of basics that are good for any season. BUT, I'm a huge jeans girl. If I find a good pair of jeans I'll wear them everyday for a month (I promise I wash them!)"
Would you rather be completely invisible for the day or be able to fly for the day? " Definitely fly, no doubt about it."
How would you define your personal style? " Someone described my style as 'simplistic' and I think that's so true. I like to wear things that I know will always be in style- mostly black or other neutrals. I just think black/neutrals are SO classy!!!!"
Thanks Quincy for helping Piper & Scoot  stay stylish and sweet. 


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