You may have the perfect outfit, so here are a few other things you need to go along with it...

Starting with putting your best face forward with this face mask.

You'll need a scrunchie to pull up your hair while it sets.

And some body scrub & chapstick for touchable skin.


Don't forget socks to help lock in the softness.


Listen for all the compliments in style with some ear bling.

And of course, the matching necklace. 

Set the mood without worrying about burning the house down with this room spray.

Next cozy up on the couch or bed with this throw.

How about a mini notebook to write love notes?


 A zip wallet complete with a gift card in the pocket for bonus points...


Piper & Scoot knows to attract the right people in your life, you need to first have the right attitude and self image. So for the month of February, our word is: Attract.

1.) "To draw by a physical force causing or tending to cause to approach, adhere, or unite; pull."  2.) "To draw by appealing to the emotions or senses, by stimulating interest, or by exciting admiration; allure; invite."

So be a physical force of positivity, causing everyone to want to approach you. Pull them in by your interest and inviting attitude. Exert YOUR power of attraction.


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