The Kardashians, the Hiltons, the Simpsons, the Duffs, the Knowles'.

There are SO many sister combos...
Venus & Serena
Tia & Tamera
Kylie & Kendall
Mary Kate & Ashley
(there is even their little sister Elizabeth Olsen)
Who is your favorite set of sisters?
Our favorite here at Piper & Scoot: Brittany & Lindsay!
Who are they you ask? Let me tell you...

Brittany is Piper & Scoot's hotter than hot Retail Manager. She can sell something better than Paris Hilton's "That's hot" phase back in the early 2000's.

Favorite fast food? Chick-fil-a

Popsicle or ice cream? Ice cream

Dogs or cats? Dogs

How would you describe your style? I tend to wear dark just happens. But I love to wear loose clothing & dresses!

Favorite things at Piper & Scoot right now? The Mina Jumpsuit & the Caila Cutout Booties.

 Lindsay is Piper & Scoot's connoisseur of Customer Service. She is sweeter than both the Simpson sisters' voices combined. 

What hobby would you get into if money wasn't an issue? Traveling of course. 

What color is your least favorite to wear? Pink. 

Night owl or early bird? Night owl.

Your guilty pleasure is? Chocolate fudge. 

How would you describe your style? I like to be different with my style, but I do love me some Nike and Adidas!  


Brittany and Lindsay are a dynamic duo and we are #blessed twice to have them with us here at Piper & Scoot.
"When we have fights in our family, they don't end with an apology. You make up by getting back to normal. Like you'll call and say, 'You want to go shopping?'" -Kourtney Kardashian.
Go ahead, give your sister a call and ask her to go shopping. Then please come see us, nothing says 'sorry' like a cute new top! 


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