We wanted to introduce you to someone very special to Piper & Scoot, meet Gabby, our head of customer service. We asked her a few questions that many of us have all wondered and had to answer ourselves...here is what she had to say.

What three words best describe you? LOUD. FUN. PATIENT.
What is something about you that most people wouldn't guess? I would be a great karaoke duet on Country night. Just remember...I don't sing backup (PREPARE YOURSELF.) 
Ice cream or snow cones? The hardest question of all....snow cones.  
What is in your Netflix queue? Jane the Virgin (Can we talk about how good this show is?!), Friends and Untold Stories of the E.R. to name a few. 
Who is your style icon? Sophia Bush.
What item of clothing should you get rid of but you refuse to do so? My Ed Hardy slip ons. They have a matching belt too. 
What is your favorite item at Piper & Scoot right now? The new Free People jeans!

So next time you have a question, concern, or perhaps now that you've read all about her, you just want to call and tell her how awesome she is, just remember you're talking to Gabby a.k.a @thegabbygrams!


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