Speaking of sisters, you may have recognized that our next Staff Introduction goes to Piper & Scoot's very own Makenzie Middleton. Yes, Middleton as in Kylee's sister-in-law. The little sister to Kylee's husband, Nate. No immediate relation to Kate Middleton, but personally...we prefer Makenzie over the next Queen & here's why...

Favorite chick flick? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or A Walk to Remember depending on the day.
Favorite part of my job? Definitely the girls I work with.
Greatest fear or phobia? Dinosaurs and outer space. Don't ask why cause I honestly don't have a reason.
Favorite pick me up? Shopping, it's a problem but it works great.
How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my style as casual but put together. I don't like being over dressed but hate leaving the house feeling like I'm not ready. 
So curtsey and show some respect to Makenzie Middleton, she is beloved here at Piper & Scoot and who knows where we'd be without her!


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