Next up, we have Hanna our lovely Warehouse Manager. She's pretty much THE Santa Claus of Piper & Scoot. The warehouse is basically her workshop and she makes sure all your goodies go to all who've been good. But don't be fooled, she may be just as jolly as Ol' Saint Nick but she definitely isn't plump and bearded! As well as liking cookies, here are a few other things she's into...
Who is your celebrity crush? Kate Hudson
Where is your dream vacation? Fiji
What keeps you up at night? My dog and husband (sometimes Prison Break)
Waffles or pancakes? Waffles for sure!
What's your favorite cold cereal? Golden Grahams
How would you describe your style? Definitely not a colorful style! I have a very plain style! I mostly wear black, white, grey, and denim. However, 97% of the time I'm in workout clothes... perks of being the warehouse manager, I'm always in the back so I don't have to get ready!
So there you have it! She's not some mystical myth, she's a super cute girl with whom you probably have a lot in common with and thanks to her all of your orders arrive at your doorstep! 


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