We wanted to introduce one new dress at the end of summer that will signify those summer feels all year long. Introducing Piper & Scoot's exclusive Festival Dress.

The festival dress, a striped modest dress from Piper & Scoot

Summer Festivals

Festivals are there to unite people who share a common interest in something and we wanted to create a dress that represents that. We wanted to capture the essence of festivals in a dress modern enough to take on trends but timeless enough to capture memories & years later not look back & ask yourself, "Why in the world was I wearing that?!" 


What is a Festival Dress?

The Festival Dress has the nostalgia that comes when you hear your favorite bands live, eat your favorite foods, or experience a cultural event that gives you a new perspective on life. It comes in two different colors (oatmeal & charcoal) that look good in every season, at any event. It has movement and breathability in the striped pattern, material, and silhouette.

cute striped dress from Piper & ScootModest striped dress at Piper & Scoot

A Simple Dress That Can Be Dressed Up or Down

The Festival Dress can stand alone or be accessorized with other festival trends. We recommend accessorizing with V.I.P wristbands and a sweet pair of sunnies, but don't blame us when the paparazzi mistake you for a celebrity.

The Striped Festival Dress by Piper & Scoot

The Festival Dress at Piper & Scoot

The Festival Dress is made for carefree late nights, trying new things and starting new traditions. So soak in those last weeks of summer, be adventurous, and listen to the music.

The back of the Piper & Scoot Festival Dress


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