Here at Piper & Scoot we love connecting with anyone who loves being a girl as much as we do. We want to encourage growing a community that is positive and positively stylish.  May we introduce you to one such stylish babe. Ashlyn Powers (@ashiepowers
My favorite fashion icon: "My friend Sydney (@soelsister), probably because she's a huge fitness advocate & loves to dress modestly but not frumpily. I live in activewear so she inspires any look I'm going for."

My very favorite place I've ever traveled to: "The redwood forest in Northern California. I've never felt so tiny and awe-inspired as I did wandering around the vibrant, powerful greenery. It touches your soul."

My dream job is a life coach: "I absolutely love people, listening to their problems, giving advice, and watching them grow. I have a trained eye for seeing the best in everyone & my goal is to build a career around showing people the beauty within themselves."

The biggest influence in my life: "HANDS DOWN my amazing boyfriend. I've known him for years through thick and thin and he is a good man to his very core. Every day I aim to be the kind of girl worthy of a man like that, and he loves to show me that I am."

Favorite subject in school: "In school, and forever, I loved writing. The flow of words on a page speaks to me the way so many people say music speaks to them."

 What is playing in my car: "I'll be honest, audio books are on REPEAT wherever I am including my car. It's usually either something from the Twilight Saga or a Jen Sincero book."

My style is: "'hot homeless person.' I'm serious. I love to look like I just rolled out of bed or strutted out of the gym and just HAPPENED to look hot. I actually usually leave my hair rather undone because I love an "effortless" look (because my accompanying smokey eye is, of course, the default state of my face)."

What I love about fashion & photography: "Fashion and photography go hand in hand, to me. With the camera, you merely snap a picture, but as a photographer, you capture a feeling. Couple photos are my FAVORITE because I get to show people a side of their love they don't get to see with their own eyes. All the fashion and glam of a session is just a tool to help accentuate the inner beauty inaccessible to a camera."

Favorite food: "I'm obsessed with peanut butter. For a while, I kept a jar of it at my gym and would just eat it by the spoonful (and spoonful and spoonful and spoonful.)"

Hobbies: "I definitely live by the 3 hobbies rule: have one to keep you in shape, one to make you money, and one to be creative. For me those hobbies are exercising at Pure Barre Draper, doing lash extensions, and writing/reading."
We've asked her to style her favorite Piper & Scoot back to school looks and here is what she came up with... 
Check out the rest of Ashlyn's outfit ideas on her BLOG!


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