#Basic has been the hashtag of everything from people grabbing fancy unicorn drinks, doing yoga or barre classes, and listening to hits on the radio. It is used to describe the "mainstream". #Basic can be used to describe women who follow what's on trend without adding their own personality to it.

Piper & Scoot takes #basic trends and takes them to another level. Let this information be your inspiration to cultivating a better, more personalized, wardrobe. Own YOUR style. Be the boss and put #basic to bed. 


Basic Stripes

Stripes. Stripes are classic, they can be graphic, come in different sizes or go different directions, and they come in a variety of colors.

To go above and beyond consider this: Create contrast, pair stripes with another pattern, like floral. Use them to your advantage, stripes can give the illusion of length and make you look taller when they are vertical. Dress them up, they can add a level of sophistication when they are more tailored.

Striped dress by piper & scootsmall stripes dress from Piper & Scootflowy striped dress by piper & scoot
The Eleanor Dress // The Davenport Striped Ruffle Dress // The Ruth Striped Dress

The Peplum Style Shirt

Peplum. Peplum is a trend that is popular for being flattering. It is a style that exudes femininity and adds movement to a #basic silhouette.

Pep up your peplum by using: Pattern play, a patterned peplum elevates an already awesome look. Dramatic detail, a longer or shorter peplum creates even more interest and flattery. Casual cool, peplum can become casual when paired when jeans or a denim jacket.

peplum striped shirt by Piper & Scoottextured peplum shirt by Piper & Scootcomfortable and cute peplum shirt by Piper & Scoot

The Lenox Stripe Peplum// The Jad Stitch Peplum //The Allana Peplum

Embroidered Shirts for Texture

Embroidery. New and now trend that is bohemian or dare we even say...exotic?

Enhance your embroidery by: Placement, down the front, on the sleeves, even on your feet, where it is can change the look. Complementary colors, it can blend in or pop out. Textural, it can stand on its own or be layered on top of something else. 

embroidered dress by Piper & Scootembroidered Clogs from Piper & ScootLong dress with embroidered front by Piper & Scoot

The Savannah Shoulder// Brocade at East Loafer// The Cocinera Dress

Timeless Floral Dresses

Floral. Timeless trend that is classy and feminine. It is a versatile trend that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Grow your floral ideas by: Romantic, keep things girly and romantic. Size & silhouette, a larger print floral on a swingy silhouette or smaller detailed flowers adorning the front keep things fresh. Sweet & Sour, let the floral be sweet but add some edge by letting the floral be a bold color or add a leather jacket.  

The Parkland Wrap Dress //The Rebekah Midi-Dress// All I Got Printed Maxi-Dress

Piper & Scoot encourages you to break the mold, be the black sheep, dare to defy, just think for yourself. Take trends and pack in a punch. Add pizazz.  Be passionate about portraying your personality through YOUR style. 


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