With the start of a new school year, Piper & Scoot understands that there are a lot of firsts you need to conquer in style. You're meeting new people, discovering new places, why not get a new outfit to help navigate all your new firsts with confidence?

Finding a new job might be the worst thing besides realizing that your new job is only going to cover half of what your required textbooks are going to cost. Here is an outfit that will make a golden first impression without breaking the bank. 

The Stowe Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Want to help out with the school functions while not looking like a high functioning psychopath of disorganization? You want to be the power PTA mom, the mom everyone wants to be, without everyone ending up hating you in the process. The way to achieve this is to look put together without trying too hard, you want to look relatable & approachable!

The Daily Sweater

Moving into a new apartment can be exhilarating and exhausting. It is important to bond with roommates because they become the people who become your family while you're away from home. You want them to think you are low maintenance but someone they want to be with. Much like a potential date, we'll get to that next. But here is an outfit you can wear on your first roommate girls night in or out.  

The Isaiah Cami Striped Jumpsuit

Getting a date won't be hard for you but figuring out what to wear on that date that will set you apart from all the other new girls in the mix is no longer going to be a challenge thanks to this outfit.

The Beverly Embroidered Wrap Dress

Piper & Scoot knows that it can be daunting to put yourself out there but it becomes less so when you feel good about yourself & look good. So leave a good first impression by saying "YES" to everything new & exciting that comes your way this fall.


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