French Fashion is all the rage with the IT girls all being from France. Francoise Hardy. Clemence Poesy. And the most iconic fashion icon of all time: Coco Chanel. Well Piper & Scoot wants to introduce you to French way of things and nothing is more quintessential french fashion than a neck scarf and a pair of loafers. It is classic, stylish and oozing with Parisian panache. 

The ultimate French Fashion Wardrobe consists of these pieces:

A striped t-shirt or a white button up on top. 


The Brocade Pocket Blouse  //  The Ashley Striped Blouse // The Sardegna Blouse

Paired with high waisted or boyfriend style denim. 

Universal Boyfriend Jean

And finished off with a classic pair of loafers or flats.


Outwear includes a blazer, trench coat or leather/denim jacket.

The Pier Frayed Denim Jacket

Accessorized with a hat, purse, and a classic red lip. 

Other helpful hints to capture their je ne sais quoi is to leave things untucked, unbrushed, left open, simple and minimal.

Loafers are the perfect French shoe to help navigate through the traditional style cobblestone streets. They are the easiest shoe to wear while riding or driving a scooter while museum hopping. And they are the most practical shoe for dancing the night away. Perhaps Paris is on your bucket list, but you're more focused on your grocery list, loafers are a fashionable and practical option for your day-to-day errand running as well.  

A scarf is a must have accessory for every french woman, no matter the season. It is considered not only functional but stylish as well. It is meant to embrace the neck and it helps flatter and add style. It should be knotted twice if it is truly the french way. But scarves can be added to your purse, your hair or even around your wrist. They are not exclusive to be worn strictly around the neck.

So don't let the lack of a French runway get in your way, the hallways of your school or the aisles at the grocery store will more than suffice for today! When you have this kind of personal and classic style, it can never go out of style. So let Piper & Scoot provide you with time tested style and the pieces you need to achieve it. 


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