Taylor swift's first single 2006 & Katy Perry's first single 2008
Taylor Swift has 5 studio albums & Katy Perry has 4 studio albums
Katy Perry has won 88 awards & has been nominated for 302.
Taylor swift has won 273 & has been nominated for 571. 
 ^According to Wikipedia^
We all know about the Katy Perry & Taylor Swifts feud but we think it's time for them to drop the bad blood and go back to having mad love for each other, or at least stop the madness. It doesn't have to be Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry. Here at Piper & Scoot ALL are welcome, whether you're a Tswift fan or a die hard Katy Perry fan, or maybe you don't know what in the world we are talking about..you're still one of us! We love them both unconditionally and this is how we do...

 Here's what they would wear to an epic pool party with dancing sharks & feeling twenty two. 

Taylor's look here and Katy's look here

Here's what they would wear on a date, hopefully not with the same guy...again. 

Taylor's look here & Katy's look here

Here's what they would wear while getting brunch, mani-pedis & just having a girls day.

Taylor's look here & Katy's look here


Here's what we would listen to while imagining all our wildest dreams coming true and them becoming friends again!

(click here for our Katy vs. Taylor Spotify Playlist). 


See?! Why can't they just shake it off? We made it work for them, let's all send good vibes out so that they can too. Piper & Scoot know that girls rule! The homemakers, musicians, artists, politicians, students, and even those still trying to figure it out, we belong together. We are women, hear us roar!



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