Piper & Scoot wants your experiences to be enduring in both your images & your own imagination. Having a memorable life is more than just a life worth remembering, it's about making it meaningful for you & your future posterity to see later on via pictures. It is a new year and a good time for a new you. We've chosen a word we want to define January and all this month has to offer.

Memorable: "worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual." 

Here are a few of our favorite activities that evoke classic nostalgia & will definitely be memorable. We've also added our favorite looks for each activity to make sure that those memories are captured with style as timeless as the event.

Ice Skating:  Whether it's on a frozen lake or in a rink. Ice skating is a classic winter activity that be enjoyed on a date or with friends and family. We recommend something cozy & comfortable that allows movement while still looking cute. And a beanie is always nice because, it's all about being warm.

The Waldorf Cozy Half Zip Pullover

The Soft Basic Beanie in Heather Grey

Bowling: Bowling is one of those activities everyone is always up for. It can be enjoyed by all ages and has all that sweet retro goodness in the design, music, and environment as a whole. We recommend wearing something with a high-impact look and low-maintenance feel. 

The Velvet Poppy Peplum in Plum

Levi's 721 High Rise Skinny Jean

Dinner Party: Whether it's at home in candle light or at your favorite local spot. Put on some old fashioned music, like vinyl records. And play some old fashioned board games, like Twister or maybe even Spin the Bottle. We recommend somewhere with good food, enjoying it with good company, and wearing a great outfit.

The Makenna Floral Jumpsuit

The Alma Clog in Black

Piper & Scoot hopes you'll join us & help make January memorable. Create experiences that are unforgettable. Your life should be enjoyed and captured. Share with us by using the hashtag #psnewlook2018


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