Simple Spring Dress

 Appropriately named because of its basic silhouette and easy to care fabric. But simple does not mean boring in this case, especially when you try our tips on how to style it.


1.) Tie a flannel around the waist

Define your waist while also defending against the cooler spring nights. The classic black & white stripes pair well with any color and adds some panache. A denim jacket will also do the trick.


 2.) Any selection of shoes works well

Pair with converse sneakers at the park, strappy sandals for running errands, or try a pair of heels if you want a more dressed up look but still want to maintain a level of comfort. You really can't go wrong with boots, loafers, or flats either. 


 3.) Accessorize to fit the season

 Just because the name “Spring” is in the title doesn't mean you are limited to wearing this dress for only one season. Pairing it with a necklace creates personality and a point of interest. A simple scarf or bandana adds a punch of color and helps transition it for fall. Wearing a long cardigan in the winter will keep you warm without sacrificing style.


GOOD NEWS! They are on sale. You are welcome!


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